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In Greece we say that when God was creating the earth, he through the most stones in our land. The result was to create one of the most beautiful lands with hundreds of islands and the richest land in the world in calcareous lime stones with unique colorings and varieties. The Greek marbles are renown trough the sculptures inherited from our ancient forefathers with the Parthenon being the peak. Inspired by this tradition working with marble, Nick Barikos established his company in 1991 on the island of Crete in Greece. He designed and created a series of classical and contemporary marble door handles and knobs while metal is used in some parts and fittings of the products. The types of rock used are natural granites and marble with exquisite colored veins. The products signed by BARIKOS are made by hand and are distinguished for their craftsmanship and finesse. While special attention was given to the packaging. This is achieved due to the love and personal care afforded by our staff and technicians.

Over half of our production is currently exported to the European Union and the Middle East countries.

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